HRAST STRIZIVOJNA d.o.o. - Biomass-fired power plant

HRAST Strizivojna d.o.o.
Brace Radica 82
31410 Strizivojna

Short description:
Main and detailed design I&C project for Cogeneration plant based on biomass combustion with associated equipment and infrastructure. Onsite electrical instrumentation of complete I&C equipment, developing and commissioning of control system for complete boiler plant with biomass supply system.

Detailed Description:
In the period from 2009-2011. the company designed and commissioned cogeneration plant based on biomass combustion for a client HRAST Strizivojna d.o.o.
In 2011. we finished all electrical and instrumentation works, software design, testing and start-up activities of complete boiler plant.
Boiler plant consist of: steam biomass boiler, biomass day tanks, apparatus for shredding biomass transporters, combustion air fans, a device for purifying flue gases, air and flue gas ducts, flue gas exhaust fan, chimney, feed water pumps, thermal water treatment, chemical water treatment, system for the exclusion of ash from the boiler and apparatus for purifying flue gases.

Control system is developed on Siemens PCS7 platform in redundant "fail safe" version. Control system monitors all technological units of complete plant: storage and transportation of biomass, steam boiler, electric filter system, turbine plant, condensing plant, chemical water treatment plant and heating substations for the distribution of process steam for the drying and heating needs.

Specifications of boiler plant:

Steam boiler fired with wood biomass
                Nominal steam capacity:20.0 t/h
                Minimum steam output: 10.0 t/h
                Fresh steam pressure: 40 bar
                Fresh steam temperature: 400 ± 5 ° C
                Feed water temperature: 105 ° C
                Control range of steam output: 10,0 - 20.0 t/h

Technical data of turbine plant:
                HP part of the turbine (A)
                Fresh steam
                Pressure: 40 bar
                Temperature: 400 ° C
                Steam flow: 20.0 t/h
                LP part of turbine (B)
                Pressure: 1.9 bar
                Temperature: 145.8 ° C
                Steam flow: 11,000 kg / h
                Speed ​: 1500 min-1
                Generator power: 3,366 kW